About Us

Refried Cycles: A Legacy of Cycling Passion

Nestled in the lively beat of San Francisco’s Castro area, Refried Cycles started up as more than a shop; it was a beacon for bicycle aficionados from every avenue of life. Aubrey, who was super excited about cycling, kicked off this venture not just to sell bikes but to build a community. This ex-bike messenger’s passion attracted cyclists of all levels—from the daily commuter to the expert racer, Refried Cycles was their home away from home.

This wasn’t just about sales; it was about soul. With a mix of cool bikes from the ’80s and ’90s, and loads of spare parts, Refried Cycles was a gold mine for both the nostalgic and the down-to-earth rider. But it was coolest as a chill spot, a place where folks gathered, got smart, and bigged up the biking life through group rides, happenings, and hangouts. The expertise demonstrated in our shop was not just good; it was legendary. Our fixers weren’t just mechanics; they were guardians of cycling tradition, all about the art of perfecting every gear, every ride.

The flip of 2017 marked the time when Refried Cycles had to shut the shop, hit by the non-stop change of online shopping and a city that kept shifting. Yet, the spirit? Indomitable. Today, the legacy endures through Heyden Camden’s tireless work, echoing the ethos of Refried Cycles through insightful blogs and an unwavering dedication to the cycling community.

Our Mission and Values

The essence of Refried Cycles thrives in our unwavering commitment to the cycle of life on two wheels. We believe in the transformative power of cycling and its capacity to propel us toward a future that’s greener, healthier, and more connected.

  • Passion: Our love for cycling is the heart of our existence.
  • Community: We are a mosaic of riders, bound by a shared journey.
  • Knowledge: We pass on the torch of expertise with every word we share.
  • Sustainability: We advocate for cycling that honors our planet.

The Team Behind Refried Cycles

Behind every article, every post, and every piece of advice is a team that’s as diverse as the cycling community we serve. We’re former messengers, weekend warriors, and gear geeks, united under the banner of Refried Cycles to fuel your passion for the ride.

Connect with Us

The conversation that began in a cozy corner of Castro lives on through the channels of the digital world. We’re here, ready to chat, listen, and guide. Whether it’s feedback, a spark of an idea, or a story from the saddle, your voice is what keeps the wheels turning.

Stay in the loop and pedal with purpose. Subscribe to our blog for the latest in cycling news, wisdom, and gear reviews. Join us on social media and be part of a story that never ends—share your rides, your insights, and your love for bikes. The journey continues, and we’re here for every climb, every descent, and every flat stretch in between.

Welcome to Refried Cycles—where every cycle has a story, and every rider is family.

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Phone Number: +1 (415) 621-2911

Address: 3804 17th St San Francisco, CA 94114